Pearls of Wisdom

A “Pearl” if used as an idiom, refers to an offer to give something of great value. After more than 27 years now in the Construction Industry, I’ve been blessed with inherent wisdom to go along with my gray hair. From time to time, I will share these pearls with you in hope your use will benefit you in some way.

Posted on October 24, 2012

Dear Friends,

I thought it would be fun from time to time to let you know what’s happening in the home ownership world that we all live within. Especially if it helps your bottom line or gives you something to think about when the time arrives!

Today’s thought was how the cost of propane compares to oil in heating our homes. I sent out a year ago July how the trend finally swung to the favor of propane as to the less expensive fossil fuel. It was then found to be cheaper to produce a BTU with propane by 10%. Now that same BTU difference is 35% cheaper with propane. I think as we acknowledge for those still attached to oil that when it’s time to say goodbye to your oil burner and tank, the new normal is natural gas or propane.

It’s the little things like that, or a generator, or low maintenance siding that drive the hot buttons today for home ownership interest/purchase. Of course, we can always help you with that switch when the time comes.

Let’s enjoy the fall and hope for a warm and short winter. Best to you all.